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Products and Services

S&P has an on hand inventory of over 3,500 parts, we offer a wide range of Replacement Parts, Repairs and Technical Service ( On-site, by phone and by email) for Separators, Pumps, Mixers, Grinders, Formers/Patty Machines, Meat Saws, Bulkers, Stuffers, Vacuum Tumblers, Tenderizers, Vacuum Packaging, Paper products and many food processing supplies and accessories. We also recondition most Food Processing Equipment. Our most popular products are shown below. Please call or stop by for more information on products and custom options.

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New Replacement Parts for Separators

*Notice-All brand names, product names or trademarks belong to their respective owners, Unless stated otherwise, S&P Consulting Sales and Service has no association or affiliation with any listed or pitcured here on.

Grinder Replacement Parts

We offer quality Grinder cutting Parts including Grinder Plates, Centering Pins, Springs, Knife Holders,Inserts,Bushings, hundreds of Grinder cutting parts in Stock.

Hollymatic Authorized Dealer

S&P is an authorized dealer for Hollymatic. Call or Stop by our showroom if you have any questions!

Forming, Patty machine, Bulker and Steak Paper

We stock many different designs and styles of packing papers.

Hollymatic Mixer/Grinder

Stop by our showroom to see if the Hollymatic Mixer/Grinder is the right fit for your production needs!

Vacuum Packing Bags

We stock several varieties and sizes of vacuum packing bags

1109 New Feedscrew

Reconditioned Surface Grinders

We offer Grinder Plate Resharpening and Reconditioned Surface Grinders

Reconditioned Twin Feed Screw Separators

Model RSTC04V20 Shown

Fully Reconditioned High Speed Separators

For Edible and Pet Food Applications


 Reconditoned Grinders

Reconditioned Separator Wear Parts

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